50 words agree or disagree to each question Q1.  Agree with this statement? No

Sep 1, 2021 | business & finance / management

50 words agree or disagree to each question

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50 words agree or disagree to each question Q1.  Agree with this statement? No
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Q1.  Agree with this statement? Nope, for the reason is a business can not run on no structure because without structure everything would be a mess.  Organizational structure in a business is so important for great workflow.  This structure allows you to add positions in a way that the employees know they can follow.  Meaning that you can add a different type of CEO of something because new for the business has come up and having someone in charge of this change is important.  

The structure is like any kind even at home so knowing how to do something and who to follow from is important and any global business would be in the same agreement.  In this portion of the world, a business want's to expand so that they need to get a new position for the new job at hand.  This means adding to the business and other characters that also go along with this new position.  It carries a very important message to new areas that this company means business and that they know who to put into a new position for the company.  

Without this structure, a business couldn't really expand because of not having the correct person knowing how to expand the business and its culture can actually hurt a business.  These structures are put into place for that very reason.  Structures play a very big part not just for expanding business in other areas but for the future growth of its own company.  To be able to outsource whatever the company makes is also a structure that the company needs others to help and positions that grow.


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Q2. Good Evening All,

I would have to disagree with the initial statement.  I believe for global business organizational structure is crucial to a company success.  Organizational structure is defined as "the way responsibility and power are allocated, and work procedures are carried out among organizational members"(Hao, 2012).  Through research I have come to find out that this concept isn't a one size fit all matter.  In a paper titled "How does organizational structure influence performance through learning and innovation in Australia and China" it outlined how "Different types of organizational structures perform equally well; stable organization has not found many opportunities to increase profit than changing organization. On the contrary, Leitao and Franco give strong evidence about the relationship between the structure and performance, efficient organizational structure impacts positively on both types of performance: non-economic and economic." (Hao, 2012).  To me this mean a company needs to be flexible and adapt to the global market.  Roles must be clearly identified, with the understanding that innovation may be introduced into their structure and they must adapt to continue providing the supply the market is demanding.

Organizational structure is the foundation of a company.  Think of it as a blueprint to said company. Without it there may be chaos in an organization due to the fact of work centers not knowing how they contribute to a company.  With defined roles laid out from the structure, each department can focus on their primary duties while trusting that the other departments within the same company are doing the same thing.  Take the Air Force for example, because we have a defined organizational structure, each work center can focus on their primary duties with the understanding that it contribute to the bigger picture of the organization.  Pilots can focus on just flying because they understand that there's maintenance personnel postured to resolved in mechanical issue they may experience.  Maintenance doesn't need to worry a great deal about not having a part because there's a logistics squadron in place to order and receiving any part needed to complete said issue.

Another example is Walmart which has a well defined organizational structure.  Each department focuses on their primary duties with the assumption that the other departments are doing the same, which ultimately provides the consumers with the end product and great shopping experience.  But I want to mentioned similarly with the Air Force, organizational structure tends to adapt to the ever changing marketplace.  Case in point, Walmart logistics does this new method called cross docking which reduces the time it takes for products to get from the supplier to the end consumer in a fraction of a traditional distribution method.  Overall, organizational structure defines how companies should be ran with the expectation of provided superior services to end consumer.

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