As a patient, quality healthcare is important to my family and me. Because my hu

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As a patient, quality healthcare is important to my family and me. Because my husband and I were military, we have access to adequate care. The three significant players in the delivery of healthcare are Healthcare organization which is an organization that consists of stakeholders and participants, suppliers and resources, regulators and direct providers, and individuals that distribute healthcare services to provide the health needs of the people (Tulchinsky MD, MPH & Varavikova Md, MPH, Ph.D., 2014). The clinician (team of medical personnel) provides care to individuals and has direct contact with and responsibility for patients to manage chronic diseases (CMS, 2019). The patient is an individual due satisfaction and quality healthcare. 

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As a patient, quality healthcare is important to my family and me. Because my hu
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The three players are interconnected and influence each other to strive for better performance (Cowing, Davino-Ramaya, Ramaya & Szmerekovsky, 2009). Organizational wants are operational competence and success, clinical execution of measures, and risk management (Cowing, Davino-Ramaya, Ramaya & Szmerekovsky, 2009). Clinician needs can provide quality care and sufficient organizational assistance and resources (Cowing, Davino-Ramaya, Ramaya & Szmerekovsky, 2009). The patients part in the performance measures in the awareness of service and care, customized care, healthcare result, and psychosocial (Cowing, Davino-Ramaya, Ramaya & Szmerekovsky, 2009). The healthcare organizations and the clinician relationship are a two-way street where they affect satisfaction through cultural implications, incentives provided, pressures on staff, schedule, and training (Cowing, Davino-Ramaya, Ramaya & Szmerekovsky, 2009). The relationship between the healthcare organization and the patient grades the impact based on the convenience, process structures, procedures followed opposed to required, number of staff to patients, and level of reliance on clinical practice regulations (Cowing, Davino-Ramaya, Ramaya & Szmerekovsky, 2009). When examining the relationship between the patient and the clinician is based on the success of communication and the degree of patient advocacy (Cowing, Davino-Ramaya, Ramaya & Szmerekovsky, 2009). As a healthcare worker, integrity is essential because if one can't trust my chain of command to provide essential training or support the employees' ideas, which could affect the quality of services. As patient integrity is important because it is critical between the patient and the clinicians' recovery rates and patient satisfaction is lower. I try very hard to maintain integrity my daily work day in the laboratory of BAMC.


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