Before you write, make sure to read ‘Why We Need to Start…’ in Week 6 Readings

Sep 1, 2021 | reading

Before you write, make sure to read "Why We Need to Start…" in Week 6 Readings.  It's relatively light reading, so that you have the time/space to work on your Mini-Project #2.  I want us to use the opportunity to continue the conversations we've been having, by adding a new layer to the discussion. 

Part 1: 

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Before you write, make sure to read ‘Why We Need to Start…’ in Week 6 Readings
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Pick one idea or quote from the article to respond to, but connect it to any discussion we've had so far in the class. I want to see you use course concepts, references to class discussions, or even the names of texts you read before today. How does this text enrich or complicate your understanding of course themes? If it helps you, here are some of the major course-wide questions that may help you to draw connections.

How are our ideas about place shaped by our positionality (race, class, sex, gender, etc)?  Who are spaces for? How are spaces "socially-constructed" or "culturally-constructed"? How does our experience with place shape our view of others in society and in the wider world? How do metaphors of place and space help us think through ideas? How does the city infrastructure affect our experiences in that space? What purpose is public space supposed to serve? 

I expect this section to be at least 300 words long and make references to the text. I want you to center your discussion ideas about place/space. 

Part 2: 

What personal connections can you make to the text? You may connect to your personal life in and around Miami/South Florida, another class, something you've seen in the media, etc. What does this text have you thinking about? Please comment at least 50 words. 

link to readings:



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