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In April 1917, the United States declared war on Germany

In April 1917, the United States declared war on Germany. The American public was reluctant to become involved in the European war due to potential loss of life; however, neutrality became difficult to maintain when travel across the Atlantic Ocean was affected....

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Module 5 Discussion – Individual performance appraisals

Module 5: Discussion Forum Individual performance appraisals, which are conducted on an annual or semi-annual basis, have been criticized over the last decade. In fact, many researchers and practitioners promote the benefits of daily and consistent performance...

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Cis 598 Discussion 7 – Technology Security

Cis 598 DB 7 "Technology Security" Please respond to the following: Do you think that there is a need for classifying individual parts of a network? What is its importance in real-based applications? How can information asset security be enhanced by control...

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Cis 565 Discussion 10 – PGP and VPNs

Cis 565 Db 10 "PGP and VPNs" Please respond to the following: Imagine that you work for a federal law enforcement agency and your manager has tasked you with researching Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). Examine three (3) advantages and three (3) disadvantages of PGP and...

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BUS 499 Week 6 Discussion

BUS 499 Business Capstone Week 6 Discussion Please respond to the following: Using the Internet, research acquisitions that are currently underway and choose one of these acquisitions to discuss. Based on the firms' characteristics and experiences and the reasons...

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CIS 565 Discussion 9 – HTTPS and Mobile Security Devices

CIS 565 DB 9 "HTTPS and Mobile Security Devices" Please respond to the following: Assess the role of HTTPS in cryptography in terms of its success, failures, performance issues, and cost effectiveness and summarize your assessment in a post. Provide a rationale for...

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