Case 1 – The Wonderful World of Human Resources at Disney – Analysis Case For y

Sep 1, 2021 | business & finance / management


Case 1 – The Wonderful World of Human Resources at Disney - Analysis Case

For your analysis of the case, apply the concept of organizational culture and strategic HR discussed in class and the following case reading: 

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Case 1 – The Wonderful World of Human Resources at Disney – Analysis Case For y
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Case: Yemen, G. and Isabella, L.A. (2013). Case: The wonderful world of human resources at Disney. Case no. UVAOB1051. Charlottesville, VA: Darden Publishing.

Case Reading: Wei, L. Q., Liu, J., Zhang, Y., & Chiu, R. K. (2008). The role of corporate culture in the process of strategic human resource management: Evidence from Chinese enterprises. Human Resource Management47(4), 777-794.

Assessment:  This case will be assessed based on your analysis in response to three specific questions.  Please note that mind mapsflow charts, drawings, images, or storyboards are encouraged for your response to question #2.  In addition, you are expected to contribute in class for the case debrief.

Please write your response to the questions in an 1,000 to 1,200-word response. Please use APA citations and references to cite and reference the case and the required reading. Please include a cover page.


1. What kind of culture does Walt Disney Company (WDC) want to create; and how do the HRM practices (select three) support the maintenance of this culture? (400-600 words)

2. Using your experience, the case, and the reading, answer the question: What are the connections between business strategy, HR strategy and culture? Answer this question by creating a conceptual map or pictorial image to explain how business strategy, HR strategy, and culture are integrated and aligned at WDC.  Be prepared to introduce and explain your conceptual map or pictorial image in class.  *Note that we will discuss conceptual maps in advance of this assignment (Week 2).  This link may be helpful too.(

3. Referring to your conceptual map or pictorial image, explain in more detail three key connections you identified between 1)business strategy, 2)HR strategy, and 3) culture at WDC. Please also ensure you apply the reading for this assignment to support these connections.  Aim to make a minimum of three connections. Support each connection with evidence from the reading and the case (400 to 600 words).


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