Indirect Measurement

Indirect Measurement 2 answers below » An aerial photo is taken at a national protest in Washington D.C. The photo is divided into 20 sections. The people are counted observing those that have people densely packed. These sections had about 1000 people. There were 10...

name compound

name compound 2 answers below » what is the name for CaCO3 * 6H20what is the name for Na2SO4 * 10H2Oi am having a hard time understanding what is the difference between names that end with ate, ic,ite, and ous. can you please explain this to me. Jan 22 2012 08:27...


chemistry 1 answer below » The temperature of a substance is a measure of its particles1) total energy2) specific heat3) average potential energy4) average kinetic energy Jan 22 2012 08:43 PM


–chemistry 2 answers below » which temperature is equal to +20 k?1) 253 Celsius2) 293 Celsius3) -253 Celsius4) -293 Celsius Jan 22 2012 08:51 PM