CLASSMATE 1 Teamwork has always been paramount in the world (Beauchamp, Eys, Mc

Sep 1, 2021 | human resource management


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CLASSMATE 1 Teamwork has always been paramount in the world (Beauchamp, Eys, Mc
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Teamwork has always been paramount in the world (Beauchamp, Eys, McEwan, Ruissen, & Zumbo, 2017). Individuals being grouped together is not what makes a team. What makes a team is the member's differences, and how their differences come together to work toward a common goal. Teamwork consists of more than one person working toward achieving a common goal. Kotter (2012) mentioned teamwork requires trust. Without trust, it will be hard to establish and operate in a team. I believe trust is essential, as employees want to be able to trust those who have to work closely with on projects.

To execute an effective team, I believe it is vital to have an effective leader. Having the right leader lead the team can have a major impact. Teams need direction, encouragement, reinforcement, and support. Having a leader capable of providing the team in the right direction, with guidelines and structure is essential. Members on the team should be knowledgeably aware of the direction in which the organization is trying to go or the goal the organization is trying to achieve. With this also comes communication. The leader wants to ensure he or she can communicate with members of the team in an assertive and understanding manner. It is important that all members of the team are on one accord in understanding what is needed to be successful.  Providing encouragement and reinforcement ties into the team receiving support from the leader. Employees love to feel appreciated and as if their efforts are not in vain. I believe encouraging the team will give them the motivation as well as a positive outlook. Incentives can be used as a form of motivation as well and are seen as reinforcement.

As a leader, it is imperative to have different avenues available to improve teamwork. Improving teamwork is not one size fits all, as it involves the engagement of different individuals, with different character traits. As a leader, I would check-in and meet frequently with the team to ensure that things are running smoothly, and no assistance is needed. Additionally, considering the input of my members on the team. Obtaining feedback regarding the strategies that are working and the strategies that are not working. Just being available and a listening ear can also improve teamwork within the organization. It does not take a rocket scientist to improve teamwork, it just takes an effective leader that believes in his or her members on the team.

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Discussion 6: 

Topic: How do you encourage teamwork in your organization? Give specific examples.

     Effective leadership can be defined in terms of group performance. In simpler terms, the leader is effective if the group is performing efficiently. I believe that if an organization wants to perform efficiently, then they should employ a collaborative work environment. As I’ve previously mentioned, employees will strive to achieve goals more, if they feel a sense of belonging within the company. The team will develop a sense of alliance as they, collectively, work towards achieving a common goal. “Leaders are effective when their followers are satisfied” (Nahavandi, 2014). Effective leadership can, also, be described as “the successful implementation of change in an organization” (Nahavandi, 2014). I believe an effective leader should utilize team development and team building approaches to assist in increasing cohesion in the workplace. These methods can increase engagement amongst the team. Collaborating with one another can improve critical thinking and problem solving, among the members of the team. Each individual can bring a different perspective and outlook to the table, which can benefit the betterment of an organization.

      The best method that is used to encourage teamwork in any organization is through communication. Alghamdi and Bach (2018) explained that a collaborative work environment allows employees to include their wide range of skills, experience, and knowledge for the betterment of the business. However, it must first start with the leader communicating and promoting the importance of team work. Alghamdi and Bach (2018) continued that effective communication increases the likelihood of collaboration, coordination, and cooperation among the staff, as each individual strives to achieve the goals of the business. Bolman and Deal (2017) discussed that building a positive and collaborative work environment can guide, motivate, and inspire the team to produce their best performance. However, this cannot be accomplished without the organization utilizing effective communication in the workplace.

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