Course – Cloud Computing Residency Poster PresentationPrepare a PowerPoint p

Sep 1, 2021 | computer science

 Course – Cloud Computing

  • Residency Poster PresentationPrepare a PowerPoint presentation of your preliminary idea for your research project. The PowerPoint presentation must include the following:
    • Background on the problem (1-2 slides)
    • Explanation of the problem to be studied (1-2 slides). Include evidence that the problem is current and significant
    • The overarching research question(s) (1 slide)
    • Identify at least three scholarly sources that directly inform the project. The sources should be relevant and recent.
  • AssignmentResidency Annotated Bibliography (September 26th 1:00 pm EST)  [5 references which includes the references delivered in poster presentation and cover the below requirements for the topic and for which we will be doinfg for final upcoming research paper] Begin organizing the research and topics for your project using an annotated bibliography. The format of the annotated bibliography is a referene to the article, formatted per APA 7th edition, and an annotation or summary of the article. The summary should include important topics and how the topic relates to your research. Your annotations should cover three areas (typically formatted in three paragraphs):
    • Summary: What did the author do? Why? What did he/she find?
    • Analysis: Was the author's method sound? What information was missing? Is this a scholarly source?
    • Application: Does this article fill a gap in the literature? How would you be able to apply this method/study to yoru study? Is the article universal?
    • Writing annotated bibliographies will help you develop the skills to critically read and identify key points within an article. This will help you determine the validity and usefulness of the articles in relation to your research topic.
  • AssignmentResidency Literature Review (september 26th 6 pm est)You will submit a draft of the literature review portion of your research paper. The literature review will form the main body of your final research paper. This will be where you provide a synthesis of the articles you have found related to your topic. When writing a literature review, you should include or consider the following:
    • An introduction and a conclusion
    • Avoid direct quotes.
    • Organize by topic or theme rather than by author
    • Use headings
    • Show relationships and consider the flow of ideas
  • AssignmentResidency Research Paper (October 1st 7:00 pm est)Submit your professional research paper (15 pages) on a current topic in cloud computing. Amend your paper based on feedback you received during the residency weekend. The paper includes your final literature review and your completed analysis of your chosen research topic. The paper must adhere to APA format and style (APA 7th edition). 

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    Course – Cloud Computing Residency Poster PresentationPrepare a PowerPoint p
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