Discussion   In your initial post, choose one of the 3 questions on climate cha

Sep 1, 2021 | psychology



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Discussion   In your initial post, choose one of the 3 questions on climate cha
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In your initial post, choose one of the 3 questions on climate change listed below to assess. Provide responses to the question you selected, supporting your statements with valid and reliable scientific sources. Include your thoughts on how you feel you are, or will be, impacted by climate change.

  • Agreements and disagreements about climate change exist. Who holds what line of thinking and which side is supported by a majority of scientific evidence?
  • What current environmental changes do scientists believe are due to climate change? How might those changes impact the local area and community where you live?
  • What are some possible options for dealing with climate change? What are the pros and cons for each of those options?

Note: To support your discussion, include the name of the source or textbook page in your post.

Respond to students post by rebuking their thoughts by stating evidence contrary to the facts they presented or support your peers’ thoughts by including additional, novel evidence.

Kealy post


According to NASA, the climate crisis will need to be handled by mitigation and adaptation (Climate Change, 2020). Mitigation aims to reduce greenhouse gases that are trapping heat within earth’s atmosphere (Climate Change, 2020). One goal of mitigation is to reduce the number of ways that humans interfere with earth’s climate systems and allows greenhouses gases to stabilize (Climate Change, 2020). This would happen more slowly than current climate changes and ecosystems would be able to adapt (Climate Change, 2020). Adaptation involves changing the way we live to be more suitable to our new climate (Climate Change, 2020). This includes rising sea levels, and food insecurity (Climate Change, 2020).

                Recent research by “Jean-Francois Bastin of ETH-Zurich” and his team, have found that the earth can support 25% more forest coverage than is currently supported Buis, 2019). The team found that by planting “more than half a trillion trees” carbon could be reduced by 205 gigatons (Buis, 2019). The research was criticized by many professionals but Sassan Saatchi, a senior scientist at NASA believes that reforesting land is a viable way to reduce climate change (Buis, 2019). Saatchi believes it will be more effective in conjunction with emissions reduction (Buis, 2019). In 2018 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reached a similar conclusion to Bastin’s study, future global warming may be reduced by planting 2.3 billion acres of trees (Buis, 2019). It is still unknown if this project will be possible and there are many questions that the scientific community is debating (Buis, 2019). Some of those questions include: how will this affect the food system? Will tree cover be sustained by savanna and grassland ecosystems? How will estimated and actual carbon sequestration compare? Saatchi is concerned with the amount of time it would take to complete this project and the amount of time trees need to mature (Buis, 2019). At a rate of one million hectares a year, the project would take one to two thousand years to complete and another century for the trees to mature (Buis, 2019).

Kathryn Post


The question I've chosen to address is: What current environmental changes do scientists believe are due to climate change?

The mass burning of fossil fuels increases greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and also directly alters the chemical make up of ocean water. Excess carbon dioxide absorption contributes to ocean acidification. Scientists agree this causes a major environmental change within sealife and those who depend on it for food and other important resources. Mass migrations of fish and other aquatic life is attributed to this acidity and warmer ocean temperatures. 

Where I live, many people depend on the ocean as a source of income and food source. Last weekend we went crabbing in a town called Wells next-the-Sea, a small tourist town that the livelihood of many locals is dependent on. Research conducted by Ocean Conservancy shows that many crab species are highly vulnerable to changing ocean temperatures and acidification. Unless major changes are made worldwide, we will see sharp declines in the crab population, and for those who rely on crabbing it could be detrimental to their wellbeing. The change in the oceans has an adverse effect on many ecosystems and the food chains they are apart of.


Jeremy post


Self-esteem is confidence in and respect for yourself. Self-image is essentially recognizing the truths about yourself, good or bad. Self value is the value you place upon yourself and how much you respect yourself, i.e self-worth. It helps to differentiate these because they are very different things, yet they are all tied into each other and kind of piggy back one another.

Self-esteem and attitude matter quite a bit because, in my opinion, those are two of the essential building blocks for motivation and a positive attitude. Typically, if you have low self-esteem, you will have a poor attitude which in turn will effect your motivation. If you think nothing but negative thoughts about yourself, you will often think "what is the point?". Low self-esteem has nothing but negative impacts on your attitude and motivation towards everything.

A few of the many things that can be done to increase your own self-value include doing everything you can to ditch the negative thoughts. Be it making yourself look nice, thereby increasing your self-esteem, having the can do attitude increases your self-esteem as well. Having a healthy self-esteem level is trivial to having a healthy self-valuation.

Kenneth post


Self-esteem is what you feel you are capable of or the value you have to offer. Self-image is what abilities you have and how you see your personality and appearance. Self-value means what you see as your worth.

I think your self-esteem and attitude matter because if you have low self-esteem you will have a poor attitude. Having low self-esteem, you will not see yourself as someone capable of achieving high goals that may be expected of you in the future. Your poor attitude caused by your low self-esteem could cause you to perform poorly at your job or in school making your boss question your worth to the company. High self-esteem on the other hand I feel you will excel at being promoted because you are performing higher than most other employees. High self-esteem in school will also provide a better attitude in doing so it will help you stay on task with pursuing your degree along with hitting your SMART goals too.

A few things you could do to increase your self-value and the respect you have for yourself could be to start eating better and working out. An improved self-image will increase how you value yourself and your self-respect. Other people will notice these improvements as well which will increase your self-respect and the value you have for yourself.

Nati post

 The four phases of the business cycle are: Expansion, Peak, Recession and Trough. And the economy goes through the four phases in order, sometimes each phase can last a few months to years. And it may take a long time to go from one phase to the next or just a few months such as recession during a pandemic or war. It is natural for an economy to experience all four phases, and according to Chapellow (2020) "the U.S. has experienced 33 recessions since 1857 according to the NBER, varying in length from six months (January to July 1980) to 65 (October 1873 to March 1879)". Although we like expansions and peaks, recessions are troughs are not so great and are natural part of the business cycle. The phases are ups and downs in the economy; in the expansion phase the economy is growing, until it hits a peak. The peak is the highest level of economic activity. The peak is then followed by a recession, which is a slow and decline in economic activity. When a recession is severe it is also called a depression which are not as common. After the recession the cycle comes to the last phase or the trough. The trough is the opposite of the peak, it is the lowest point of the economy. And the business cycle starts all over. 

Timothy post

 When you look at the business cycle you see how a business will grow and how it will start to fail over time. The first part is peak. This is the part when a business is now and it is doing great. There is a high demand for the product so everyone is buying the product. The second stage of a business cycle is called recession. This is went demand goes down and there is an over production of the product and there is no demand. It does not happen over night. This happens because once a company gets in a grove of making a good product and they do not change with the ever changing market they will fall behind. If you want to be a success company you need to learn how to grow with the market. The third stage is called trough. This is when the company is really hurting and they are trying to figure out how to bring their company back. The last stage of the cycle is called expansion. Not all companies can make it to this stage because sometimes the last stage with make them go under but if someone can make it past that then they expand and grow and turn into a very successful business. 


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