ECON 103 – Sources of Long-term Economic Growth

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ECON 103: Sources of Long-term Economic Growth


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ECON 103 – Sources of Long-term Economic Growth
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Your case study paper is due at the end of Week 7.  The purpose of the assignment is to apply your knowledge of the sources of nations’ long-term economic growth to develop a proposal for economic policies that encourage growth. This assignment is based on Chapter 19 in Meyer’s Everything Economic Book and on supplementary readings.


During Week 4, we studied concepts related to the sources of long-run economic growth. This growth benefits our society by advancing our well-being and improving our standard of living over time. The paper assignment for this course asks you to define and explain examples of each of the sources of economic growth, and to develop proposals for economic policies that would encourage and promote each source of growth. First, review Chapter 19 and then click on the links below to read an article and watch the video on economic growth:

You may read other articles as well and include them in your bibliography.

Using these resources:

1. Define the sources of long run economic growth.

2. Give an example of each of the sources of growth.  

3. Propose one policy for each source of growth that could enhance or strengthen that source.

4. For you as an individual, what are the benefits of achieving strong economic growth in the United States? What are the main challenges?

5. Finally, at the conclusion of your paper please include a brief statement reflecting on what you feel you have learned from the assignment and how that learning may be applied to your life or work going forward.

Project Specifications:

· Must be a total of 800 to 1200 words

· Your case study is due at the end of Week 7

· Include a bibliography with at least two references, presented in APA format

· Check your paper for spelling and grammar prior to submission

· This paper must be written in your own words



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