ENG 122 Proposal Essay Assignment For this assignment you will be writing a 2-3

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ENG 122 Proposal Essay Assignment For this assignment you will be writing a 2-3 page proposal essay. This essay must begin with an introduction that engages the reader and a thesis statement that proposes a solution to a problem. From there, you will need a body that describes a problem, provides a plan for solving the problem, and names the necessary qualifications needed for the people involved. Finally, you will need a conclusion that addresses costs and benefits. This paper must utilize APA formatting and use at least 3 reliable sources. Examples of Proposal Arguments: How to raise money for something or someone that is currently lacking funds. How to streamline a process or make it easier. How to create or implement something new to address a problem. Resources for this Assignment: Chapter 14 of Argument Today includes:Possible structural patterns (page 284)How to organize and draft your refutation (pages 288-293)10 things you need to know about proposal writing (page 295)Example proposal: pages 297-304 in Argument Today


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ENG 122 Proposal Essay Assignment For this assignment you will be writing a 2-3
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Unformatted Attachment Preview

Student Proposal Writing Evaluation Form
Student Name
1. Contains a thesis statement that captures
the reader2019;s attention, presents a clear
and specific argument, and provides a
framework for the essay.
Unsatisfactory (1)
The thesis statement
does not capture the
reader2019;s attention,
preview the paper, or
contain an argument.
(<5 23 points) emerging(2) the thesis statement does little to capture readers attention, preview paper, and express an argument. (6 satisfactory (3) somewhat captures previews contains (7 proficient (4) mostly (8-9 distinguished (5) strongly (10 2. each paragraph supports argument provides sound logic. content of paper not support explain or use (8+ errors) (<5 with (6-7 explains (4-5 (2-3 (89 completely (0-1 3. plentiful specific details are used describe problem, create a plan for solving name necessary qualifications people involved. (this column is worth double.) plentiful. description involved adequately covered. irrelevant information incorrect. (<11 offered rarely they correct. (12-13 (16-18 ideas in paragraphs disjointed. connected logically. vaguely (14-15 well connected. effective transitions between paragraphs. 4. demonstrates unity coherence: same paragraph. additional comments: (19-20 criteria 5. conclusion correctly drawn from body states costs benefits plan. 6. language concise clear; word choice appropriate. 7. outside sources carefully selected integrated into essay. all cited correctly. 8. writing grammatically correct free typos (mugs*) double) *mechanics, usage, grammar 9. formatting other requirements met. unsatisfactory (1) logically related discuss vague wordy. words incorrectly. tone inappropriate. emerging (2) discusses (67 resolves logic benefits. many inappropriate areas paper. concise, correctly, appropriate used. reliable. numerous grammatical errors readability very difficult; has typos. have 8+ errors. most 4-5 several 6-7 reliable some spelling errors, interfering readability; used.(2-3 but interfere typos.(2-3 minimal errors; 0-1 total grand total: student proposal evaluation form assignment date course instructor 1. that presents clear argument, framework contain ... purchase answer see full attachment < p>


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