English 120Paper #3 – Albums ThemesLength: 6 7 typed double-spaced pagesFor thi

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English 120Paper #3 -2013; Album2019;s ThemesLength: 6 2013; 7 typed double-spaced pagesFor this paper, consider why Niimi chose to write about Murmur (he makes a number of arguments about his interest and investment in the book). From there, follow these steps:Select an album that2019;s been important for you, and make it clear why you think the album needs a closer look.Write an Argument Analysis of album, where you make it clear what you think that artist is arguing. It2019;s possible there are a number of arguments on an album, and you might find there2019;s a 201C;conversation201D; emerging, so consider how to summarize and clarify that for a reader.Write a Rhetorical Analysis of the album, where you argue what strategies the artist uses to make their argument, clearly show where strategies are used, and explain why you believe what you2019;re citing to be a strategy. Explain Why and How that aspect of the text is trying to work rhetorically.Conclude the paper with how you think the album connects to a larger conversation in our culture, and whether or not it2019;s an effective contribution to the culture. Explain that point of view. You2019;ll explore how you think the thing you notice is present in each record, and perhaps how it changes or remains the same, and/or how the world might interact differently with that now.This paper will have an introduction, at least 6 body paragraphs, a conclusion, and will incorporate at least four sources (one from our reading, and another you find through your own research).

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English 120Paper #3 – Albums ThemesLength: 6 7 typed double-spaced pagesFor thi
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