For this assignment, refer to the Campbells Soup website and products (product a

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For this assignment, refer to the Campbell2019;s Soup website and products (product and brand lines). Describe the following: The brands 2013; family, individual or both (sub-brands)? Why did they use this approach? Include market coverage and segments in your discussion. Why might they add to any of the lines (i.e., Chunky, traditional condensed, etc.)? What are some threats to soup in general? Discuss the larger (macro) environment 2013; PESTLE regarding opportunities and threats for Campbells and soup in general. Assume one major objective is market share defense (maintain leadership position). What type of pricing strategy do they utilize (please use marketing language)? Campbells ran an advertising campaign called 2018;soup is good food2019; many years ago. Refer to the positioning concepts learned in the course. Which basis/method of positioning is this? How might they utilize 2018;user imagery2019; to position Chunky brand? How might they utilize 2018;attribute/benefits2019; to position the low sodium line? Evaluate the use of this campaign. Why do you think they might run such a campaign (Hint: describe the context)? Refer to the process learned in class: Which bases of segmentation did the company use for 2018;Slow Kettle2019; brand and the 2018;easy peel opening2019; packaging? Explain each of these.3 PAGES PLEASE!

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For this assignment, refer to the Campbells Soup website and products (product a
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