For this assignment, you will be reading the case Moss and McAdams Accounting Fi

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For this assignment, you will be reading the case 201C;Moss and McAdams Accounting Firm201D; on pp. 942013;96 in your textbook (Attached). Once you have finished reading the case study, you will address the prompts below.Define functional, matrix, and projectized organizational structures, and list the strengths and weaknesses of each.Determine which organizational structure was being used in the two projects discussed in the case study, and explain how you came to that conclusion using evidence from the case study.Do you believe that the projects described in this case study could have been managed better using a different type of organizational structure? If so, which one do you think would have worked better, and why? If you believe that the organizational structure used was the correct one, explain why you think so.Describe what is meant by the technical side of a project and the sociocultural side of a project. Do you think Sands and Crosby were masters of both sides of their projects? Why, or why not?Do you believe that a better knowledge of the organization2019;s strategy would have improved the outcome of this case study? Why, or why not?Your response should be a minimum of two pages in length and formatted as an essay. Citations and references are not required; however, if information from other authors is used, proper credit should be given.Textbook referenceLarson, E. W., & Gray, C. F. (2018). Project management: The managerial process (7th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.


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For this assignment, you will be reading the case Moss and McAdams Accounting Fi
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