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Workforce Analysis Paper: Topic Is “Outsourcing”
As a culminating experience for this course, each student will be asked to write a 6 page paper, double-spaced, that will be focused on some aspect of employment practices in the 21st century workplace. The analysis will include:

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Home>Business & Finance homework help>Operations Management homework help   Wo
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1. an explanation of the issue in greater detail

2. what has been written about the issue

3. the challenge(s) that the issue presents in the staffing process

4. strategies used by organizations to deal with the issue

5. implications for staffing practices presently and into the future

Workforce Analysis Paper Checklist

This checklist is designed to provide a description of the essential components needed in the Workforce Analysis Paper.


· The topic for this analysis paper has been approved by the instructor

· The paper must be 6 pages, double-spaced, with page numbers and the last name of the student in the upper right hand corner of each page. APA format is required.

· All paragraphs should be indented. Do not put an extra line space between the paragraphs. (don’t triple space between paragraphs)

· There should be a cover page with the following information: Title, Course Number and Name of Course,  Your name, Date of Submission.

· The content of the paper contains complete sentences and has proper grammar and punctuation.

·  The content of the paper has been carefully proofread

·  The paper begins with an introduction which will outline the issue being analyzed

·  You have clearly stated the reason this issue is related to employment practices  (staffing).  

·  You have clearly stated the challenge(s) and/ or problem(s) the issue presents to both employers and employees

·  Include a biblical perspective.

Avoid copying and pasting to your paper large sections from other sources such as websites, publications, and/or your textbook. This is considered plagiarism. Limit use of direct quotes and paraphrase instead, using your own words.  

· Any information that is directly quoted from a source must be cited.

· In the conclusion of the paper, state the reason(s) you chose this topic and the implications of this issue in our present workplace and for the future


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