Research paper tips

There are research papers that you want to write and research papers that need to be written. This article discusses some tips put in place by experts on how to write research paper, so as to generate a well-structured research paper with the right content for your research paper writing.

Step 1:      Start With a Research Topic

Researching and identifying a topic is important before you start your research paper. To get an appropriate research topic it is good to do research on several topics beforehand, read different books and journals related with your research area, or even search for internet sites or blogs/magazines/papers discussing these topics. Remember this is not the time when you narrow down what you already have but rather this period should be used to research and identify research topics that are not only of your interest but also on which research has been conducted previously. You can get a list of research papers using the following search engine –

What you should know is that there are research papers that you want to write and research papers that need to be written.

Step 2:      Find and Evaluate Sources

When you find sources for your research paper, you have to make sure firstly whether they’ve been referenced before; secondly if the material suits your research area and thirdly whether it provides enough information regarding your research topic. The sources must be relevant enough in relation to each other as well as related with each other in terms of relevance so that the research paper is formulated on a basis of research and research sources are properly referenced in the research paper.

Step 3:      State Your Argument

The research paper writing should be done in such a way that the research question is stated clearly and research hypothesis is also clear at this stage itself, so as to conduct research in an effective manner. The research hypothesis must be stated concisely and explicitly. If your research area is related with psychology of language then it would be good to state your research problem in terms of how one perceives his own identity through language. This research problem can further help you narrow down the research topic further once you have decided on the research paper topic.

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Step 4:      Have a Good Topic Sentence

Your research paper must start with an attention-grabbing topic sentence that should include your research question. If you research on “What is the effect of increased temperature on the life span of frogs” and your research question is “Does increasing temperature decrease the lifespan of frogs?” then it brings about other questions in readers’ minds like, if this research is carried out why? What for? So following this train of thought, a good research paper starts by placing a research topic’s research question as its topic sentence.

Step 5:      Research Methods

For creating an appropriate research method make sure to pick one which contains a time series analysis or at least some sort of ordered data as

Step 6:      Structure Your Paper Properly

The structure of your research paper depends largely on what it’s about but generally there are three parts to a research paper. They’re – Introduction, Body Paragraphs and Conclusion. The introduction usually states clearly the aim of your research, objectives that you want to achieve and hypotheses that you intend to prove or disprove based on the results. The body paragraphs support the points noted in an objective manner by providing appropriate evidence supporting each point at various levels of depth with one or more pieces of evidence for every specific unit such as sentence, phrase, clause and word. Conclusion should state the research findings, research results and research conclusions.

Step 7:      Data Analysis

When it comes to data analysis remember that any research done must at first be analyzed before anything else happens; however if you are not interested in the minor details of research paper writing then feel free to skip this step but don’t forget to mention your research methodology followed during research. The sample research papers about various topics can be found easily online which provides detailed information regarding research methods used for carrying out particular research activities. But when choosing a topic make sure to choose something interesting so as to grab reader’s attention with the introduction as well as the conclusion section. Only when you are doing a good job on conducting research does it become easier for analyzing data points; without research data there is nothing to analyze.


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