I have already researched the articles I would like to use I just need an articl

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I have already researched the articles I would like to use I just need an article summary done and maybe a little opinion at the end if possibleArticle: https://www.healio.com/orthopedics/business-of-ort2026;(article for you to use for the summary)**ARTICLE SHOULD NOT EXCEED 2 PAGESI will attach the rubric for the assignment, please follow the guidelines. 12 point font, times new roman, double spaced

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I have already researched the articles I would like to use I just need an articl
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PUB 371 Article Summary Assignment
Expectations and Scoring Rubric
The assignment is to research and read an assigned article, Health Care topic discussed in class. Find Main Idea.
In the summary, you want to identify the main idea of the article and put this information in your own words
Your summary should make sense as a stand-alone text of your own words. The article should be at least one
full page at the minimum, Times Roman 12 (font).
Writing a summary requires you to read closely and paraphrase accurately for readers without access to the
same article. It2019;s ok to quote important terms when appropriate.
The article summary assignment will be graded on how much I feel you have met the following criteria: the
point totals for each criterion are listed on the scoring Rubric below.
You are required to attach a copy of the original article.
Scoring Criteria
The article is clearly but succinctly summarized 2013; the key points
of the article are touched upon. Summarize in your own words
Article Choice Article selected is current (<5 10 12 years), topic is specific to task. appropriateness article published in health care journal, newspaper, on-line journal or top electronic news source. organization summary well organized, focused, and clearly stated. overall mechanics the must be sufficiently long, generally this about requirements one full page at minimum. do not exceed two pages length, times roman (font). summaries typewritten double-spaced. i will read handwritten submissions. total points 2.5 score ... purchase answer see attachment < p>


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