i have pick Germany. i have project finished but i would like some one to do the

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i have pick Germany. i have project finished but i would like some one to do the introduction and follow the direction, i upload tow picture have the directions and i have uplod my work to help you to write the conclusion ,


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i have pick Germany. i have project finished but i would like some one to do the
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Economic Conditions in Germany
This section of the study report will mainly focus on the economic conditions in Germany to help
the XYZ corporation manage and keep its respective employees. Effective management by the
corporation will make it sure that employees are well motivated, taken care off and rewarded
according to their merits and levels of production.
Standard of Living
From the economics point of view, the standard of living is the level of comfort, wealth, material
goods and necessities available to a particular country. It also means the quality of life. Germany
people are allowed to own wealth, business premises, vehicles, and schools. However, they are
not allowed to buy and own houses but instead, they rent them. The standard of living in
Germany is much better than that of United States. This is evidenced by good health insurance,
good infrastructure (Airports, roads, railway and public transport), good childcare and low cost
of living (Ewert, 2006). Germany has consumer prices which are 2.82 percent lower than those
of U.S. The price of the rents are about 30.08 percent lower than those of the U.S. the restaurant
prices are 6.65% lesser than the restaurant prices in the United States. The groceries in Germany
are estimated to be 20.69% lower than in U.S. Generally, the local purchasing power is 4.20%
lower than that of the U.S (Gordon, 2017). This means that indeed the cost of living in Germany
is low as compared to the United States. Germany uses Euro as the currency and it is much
stronger as compared to the United States dollar. The exchange rate between the Euro and Dollar
is that 1Euro = 1.16 Dollars. This signifies that the Germany currency is more stable than that of
the United States. According to the report released in 2017, Germany has a purchasing power
parity of 0.779 while the United States has a purchasing power parity of 1. In the United States
of America, the Gross Domestic Product per capita was recorded as 54, 225.45$ in the year
2017. The figure above was recorded when it had been adjusted by the Purchasing Power Parity.
Therefore, it is evident that the GDP per capita in the USA is equivalent to 305% when it is
adjusted by the Purchasing Power Parity. On the other hand, the Gross Domestic Product Per
Capita in Germany was last recorded in the year 2017 and it was at 45229.25 dollars (Steckel,
2011). The figure was reached at after there was an adjustment done by the purchasing power
parity. This shows that Germany currency is able to purchase more baskets of goods in the
market as compared to the United States dollar. This signifies that the cost of living in German is
lower than in the United States. Therefore, XYZ corporation should make it sure that it comes up
with good health care facilities, good infrastructures, and good social amenities in order to attract
the employees and maintain good employees.
Income Distribution
The income of Germany is distributed in three major classes: Upper class, middle class, and
lower class. The upper class is the topmost part of the social hierarchy chart in Germany. They
enjoy power, control, authority in the society hence, most influential in the hierarchy (Jenkins,
2013). The people who belong to this class are politically active because they act as a symbol of
elegance and high stays within society. The elite groups in this class are the royal families,
scholars, administrators and other wealthy people. They own banks, schools, wealth and many
luxuries. The upper class in Germany are 1 percent and each individual in this class earns an
approximate of $95,150.
The middle class composed of 58 percent of Germany2019;s population. It composes civil servants,
journalists, lawyers, musicians and teachers among others. The people in this group are
considered to be2019; White Collar Workers2019; later on. The middle-class people have powers, control
and influence over society but in a limited array of options (Peichl, Pestel, & Schneider, 2012).
The middle-class individuals earn between 1050 to 9230 pounds. They own a job, they rent
houses and have a higher standard of living as compared to the lower class.
The lower class composed of people who struggle to earn a living. They tend to do low level,
disrespectful and manual work in the society. Their work is also not considered artistic.
However, this class is divided into two other categories. The first is superior working class and
the other is the underclass. The working class belongs to the people who lead the underclass and
they pay them using incorporated groups. On the other hand, the underclass are at the bottom of
the German community since they have little rights and they are considered poorer as compared
to the above classes. The people in the lower class earn less than 1,050 pounds. They do not own
anything and have poor rights since their jobs are of a lower level compared to that of those in
the other classes. XYZ corporation should make a critical market research and know its target
market. From our own analysis, the target market for the company2019;s Medical-Surgical devices
should be the upper class who have the good financial muscle to purchase and use them in their
medical facilities.
Wage levels
The vice president of human resources and board of directors should understand that despite the
presence of minimum wages regulations in other European countries for some time, the first
federal minimum wage in Germany was approved in 2014. This was kept under the Minimum
Wage Act. Before this act was accepted, the country only relied on business groups and trade
groups in a bid to set the minimum wages. However, in June 2016, the Germany government
announced the minimum wage of the people would rise by 4% (Germany: Wage Formation,
2017). Similarly, around four million of the Germans were being paid the minimum wage that
rose by about 4% and it applied to all workers who are 18 and above. The payment excludes
those who are self- employed, in internships and those in training. In the year 2018, the
minimum wage was revised from 20AC;8.50 per hour to 20AC;8.84 per hour which translates to the rise of
34 cents which is an increase of 4%. The wage level is projected to remain constant in
subsequent years.
Germany has a minimum wage of 20AC;8.84 per hour while the minimum wage rate in the United
States is $7.25 per hour. This means that the minimum wage of Germany is higher than that of
the United States. Additionally, the average wage in Germany is $55,864 while the average wage
in the United States is $52,988 exhibiting that indeed Germany has a higher wage level as
compared to United States (Brown, Eichengreen, & Reich, 2010). High wage level translates to a
higher living standard because people are able to eat healthily, have good access to medication
and can afford to live the lifestyles they would wish.
Comparing to the rest of the world, it can be affirmed that Germany has a higher minimum wage
as compared to Greece which has 20AC;3.35 per hour, Poland which has wage rate of 20AC;2.55 and
Bulgaria which has a wage rate of 20AC;1.24 per hour. However, Germany2019;s minimum wage rate is
lower compared to countries like Belgium which has a wage rate of 20AC;9.10 per hour, United
Kingdom 20AC;9.23 per hour, France 20AC;9.67 per hour and Luxembourg 20AC;11.12. This means that XYZ
corporation ought to set aside enough salaries and wages to remunerate the employees to treat its
employees fairly. It is also pertinent to note that the increase in wages will negatively impact the
income generation. In order for XYZ corporation to realize the profit, it should increase its sales
through intense advertisement to increase the products2019; demand.
Employment Levels
We wish to state that our study reveals that Germany has low unemployment rates because of a
stable economy that has led to the creation of many job opportunities for the people. The
increase in industrialization has led to high employment opportunities for the people hence, low
crime and unemployment rates. The employment rate has remained to be at a rate of 68.95 %
since the year 1992 to 2018. However, it was noticed to have increased to 76% in the fourth
quarter of last year (2017). The statistics show that Germany has had an annual unemployment
rate of about 5.3%. This shows that the country has a higher unemployment level as compared to
the United States which has 3.9% (Beaudry & Green, 2003). Therefore, more investments and
construction of industries should be made in order to reduce the employment rate further. The
diagram below is a clear indication that Germany was number six in terms of unemployment
rates in a study carried out in the year 2016 (Low Unemployment Rates in Germany, n.d). This
affirms that there is enough labor force in Germany and the corporation should come up with
programs that will take care of the employees2019; welfares.
Source: exists (Low Unemployment Rates in Germany, n.d)
It is evident that the women in Germany have a low employment rate. The primary reason is that
its institutional framework that has remained to be inconsistent and ambiguous concerning the
role of women has hindered the labor market in the country. This is the reason why most of the
women are unemployment since the gender disparity still. Similarly, more youth in Germany
have been employed. It is believed that the youth are more energetic to carry out tasks within a
firm. This explains why most of the youth have gained employment. However, even the old has
not been left out since they also make up the most employed in the nation. It is, therefore,
expected that there will be low women employees in the corporation. Nevertheless, gender
discrimination ought to be discouraged in order for the women to feel appreciated in the
There has been a rise in the participation rate of women in Germany by 10 percent since 1995. In
a study that had been conducted in 2013, 46% of all the workers in the country were women.
There has been a high participation rate of the youth is high since the unemployment rate is
9.35% from the year 2018. The number of minorities participating in employment is small
because they are marginalized in most cases hence, cannot be able to secure chances which can
make them become employees. It is therefore, expected that more women will be recruited in the
corporation to reduce gender parity. Additionally, policies that discourage sexual harassment and
discrimination should be formulated by the company so that the culprits face the law.
How Wages are Determined
According to the classical economics, wages are prices of labor and are therefore, determined by
demand and supply forces. Workers sell their respective labor and the prices that they charge is
affected by factors on demand and supply sides. The number of employees available make the
supply and number of employees need make the demand. There exists an interplay among
factors such as skills, number of jobs, the location of jobs and employers that lead to wage
agreement. However, if the employers (demand) are not able to find adequate workers to meet
their demands, they rise their respective wage offers to attract more workers. If the workers are
adequate (supply), wages will decrease until the surplus labor workers make a decision to search
for jobs anywhere else. The point where the demand and supply meet, equilibrium wage is
The other factor that determines the wage is the law through minimum wage Act. Different
countries have different minimum wage Acts that set the minimum wage that a worker should be
paid for working either in private or public sector. The act is meant to discourage wage
inequality and discrimination that exists in employment sector. This also makes sure that
employees are treated fairly according to their efforts. For instance, the government in Germany
has set a limit where the minimum wages should be 8.50 Euros per hour. Therefore, this means
that companies and the employers cannot go lower than this amount set by the government.
Collective bargaining is also another factor that has determined the amount of wage in
Germany. Here, the trade unions have bargained with the employers on the wage rates and
because of the negotiation, they agree on the wage that is to be imposed on them. The wage
determination information should help the XYZ corporation to formulate a reasonable
remuneration system that is agreed by both the employees and the company. The corporation can
do so by making consultations with the employees as key stakeholders to avoid resistance that
might affect the corporation negatively.
Employer- Provided Benefits
Our research conducted by the group confirms that there are several benefits that employers give
the employees. The first benefit is sick days leave. The employees are entitled to sick leaves
when they are not feeling well. In addition to that, they are given a sick pay and a regular
remuneration that can go up to six weeks. Nonetheless, this is only possible when these
individuals have been employed for at least four weeks in the organization. Most employers give
their employees annual leaves. In accordance to the Germany law, the annual leave an employee
is entitled in a year is approximately 4 weeks.
Furthermore, the employers provide social security for the workers. The social security is
averaged at a rate of 20.32 percent of the gross income of an employee (Hipp, Morrissey, &
Warner, 2016). This amount is paid by the employers to cater for the poor, disabled and retired
individuals alongside other disadvantaged groups. The diagram below shows the percentages of
social security payments that have to be paid by the employees and the employers.
Employee employer
Mandate. Acc. Insurance
Up to 1.22%
Pension insurance
Health insurance
Unemployment insurance
Nursing care insurance
The health insurance is another type of benefit that employers give to employees. The health
insurance caters for things like x-rays, dental care, drugs and hospital stays. The public health
insurance is compulsory in Germany for individuals earning below 20AC;4,687.50 per month. The
employees have a choice to either remain in the public or private insurance. Still, the employers
contribute approximately a half of the premiums of the private insurance. The employees are also
entitled to housing benefits where they are paid house allowances. Housing is one of the basic
needs that apart from food and clothing. Housing make it sure that both parents and children
have good shelter and protected from external attack. XYZ corporation should provide for its
employees with the aforementioned employee benefits among other benefits to enhance the
employee relations and fair treatment of the workforce.
Working Conditions
Germany has good working conditions which aim at ensuring that the employees within the
organization are safe and they are contented. In accordance to the law, employers have to ensure
that the working environment is safe for the people (Bothfeld, 2007). Most of the organizations
have used the statutes, work council agreements and collective bargaining agreements to
determine the employees2019; working conditions such as the maximum hours they should be
working, the minimum paid holidays and how they should allow the workers to go for sick
leaves. In Germany, the maximum number of hours one can work in a week is 48 hours.
However, collective labor agreements in various companies are at will to reduce to between 35
hours to 40 hours. Most of the full-time jobs agree on 40 hours per week. The employees are
given an annual leave which is a minimum of 24 days per year excluding weekends and bank
holidays (Bothfeld, 2007).
There has been an advancement of environmental issues such as health, pollution and safety
consciousness that has made several companies to improve their working conditions. Good
working conditions are one of the greatest motivations that employees may have and this
increase their productivity level. When the employees are under conditions that are not hygienic
and they are unsafe, the employer is to blame for this since he is obliged to provide a safe and
healthy workplace for his or her workers. Nonetheless, if the employer does not do according to
the rules of occupational safety, the employees may refuse to work at the workplace.
The employees are entitled to safety and health regulations and if the employer does not do this,
the employees may claim for a compensation for any damages that have been caused. In the
same context, the works councils in Germany and the administrative authorities insist more on
fulfilling health and safety regulations that are applicable. Some of the occupational safety rules
are that if the workers are dealing with chemicals that may harm them, they need to be in
protective clothing and some examples of these clothes are gloves and overalls. Good working
condition available in the country reduces employees labor turnover by increasing the employee
relations through motivation hence, increase in the employee production level.
Skills Available
Our study exhibits that Germany is an industrial hub hence; many skills are made available. The
German doctors possess skills such as good communication skills, making accurate decisions
under pressure, capable of putting people at their ease and inspire them, good management skills
and excellent practical skills (Siyanbola, 2012). Nevertheless, the Engineers have good
interpersonal skills, good verbal and non-verbal communication skills, able to work under
pressure, high creativity and excellent problem-solving skills. The lawyers have good oral and
written communication which enable them to argue and defend their cases well before the courts
of law. They also have good logical and analytical reasoning which make them represent their
clients on legal matters well. The lawyers have also advanced their technological skills such as
typing, saving and sending documents and other important legal information.
Furthermore, the politicians have good communication skills that enable them to talk well with
electorates. They have good research and writing skills that enable them to solve the economic
and political problems for the people. The politicians also have good presentation and public
speaking skills that enable them to be understood easily by the people. Lastly, they have good
skills of understanding their respective audience to be able to bring order (Siyanbola, 2012). The
teachers, professors and lecturers have skills such as good communication which enable them to
teach the concepts well. Good leadership which make them control the students and pupils in the
right direction. They are also confident in delivering their contents making student to believe and
understand what is being taught. Additionally, they are patient enough to repeat what they have
taught for the sake of the slow learners to understand well. However, there is shortage of skills
related to innovation engineers, Information Technology expert skills and experts in science. The
above available skills show that Germany is rich in terms of skill power and there is need for the
corporation to make sure that there is continuous training and development of its employees to
have a competitive advantage over employees or professionals.
The location of a facility is a key factor which determines its future, i.e. whether it thrives
or fails. The setting of a medical- surgical facility is not an exception. It needs first evaluation of
factors such as ideologies, ethics and values of people residing in that location. This evaluation is
important in understanding the constraints that the facility is likely to face as well as the merits.
Since this manufacturing industry is to be established in Germany, let look at the people
perspective and progress made in medicine sector in Germany. Germany is characterized by
many 2026;
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