identify the problem presented in the case and offer a solution. Case analyses m

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identify the problem presented in the case and offer a solution. Case analyses must utilize text material and international management concepts being studied to help generate practical solutions. It must it be in an essay form (Introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion)Please find attached the case study. Also in the attachment you will find a list of question that you should include in the essay, and chapters that you should relate the case to its content.


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identify the problem presented in the case and offer a solution. Case analyses m
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201C;Andreas Weber2019;s Reward for Success
in an International Assignment; Case A201D;
MGMT 360; International Management
1. Should Andreas go back to the position offered?
2. If Andreas accepts the job, what should his career plan be?
3. If he does not accept the job, what should he do instead?
4. Who is to blame for the current situation? What specific factors contributed to Andreas2019; reentry
5. What can an organization do to avoid the kinds of problems illustrated in this case?
6. From an HR perspective describe what would be a more systematic approach to repatriation
planning and international career development?
7. Cite a minimum of 6 course concepts and ideas that are relevant in this case?
For the exclusive use of A. Aljuwaybir, 2018.
Andreas Weber2019;s Reward for
Success in an International
Assignment (A):
A Return to an Uncertain Future
This case was prepared by GFC;nter K. Stahl, Assistant Professor of Asian Business at INSEAD and Mark E. Mendenhall,
J. Burton Frierson Professor of Leadership at the University of Tennessee. It is intended to be used as a basis for class
discussion rather than to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of an administrative situation.
Additional material about INSEAD case studies (e.g., videos, spreadsheets, links) can be accessed at
Copyright A9; 2003 INSEAD
This document is authorized for use only by Aeshah Aljuwaybir in International Mgmt;Fall 2019;18-1 taught by MOLLY BURKE, Dominican University 2013; Illinois from Aug 2018 to Feb 2019.
For the exclusive use of A. Aljuwaybir, 2018.
Andreas Weber2019;s mind would not stop racing. Normally, an intense run in the evening had the
effect of dissipating his worries, but tonight this did not work. The further he jogged along his
standard route on the banks of the Hudson River, the more he could not get out of his mind
the letter he knew he must write tomorrow. 201C;How had it all come to this?201D; he wondered. This
thought triggered his memory back seven years, to the initial event that had set in motion the
process that led to his current trouble.
Andreas2019; Decision to Pursue an International Career
Andreas remembered the occasion clearly; Herr GF6;rner, the Managing Director, had walked
into his office at the Frankfurt headquarters of his bank, and offered him the chance to
participate in a company-wide international leadership development program. Herr GF6;rner
explained that the program involved an international assignment with the intention of
fostering the professional development of young, aspiring managers. After their overseas
assignments, the trainees would constitute a pool of internationally experienced young
managers with the potential for senior management positions at corporate headquarters.
Andreas accepted the offer on the spot, with pride. He had worked very hard since joining the
bank and felt that his efforts had finally paid off.
The program started with a one-week seminar at a leading business school in the United
States. The CEO had flown in from Frankfurt, demonstrating the commitment of top
management to this program. In his speech to the participants, the CEO stressed that the
major challenge and 201C;number one201D; priority for the bank in the future was globalization. He
made it clear that international experience was a key value and a prerequisite for promotion
into the ranks of senior management. Andreas felt confident that he had made the right
decision in accepting the offer and in pursuing an international career.
Shortly after the program started, an unexpected vacancy opened up in the bank2019;s New York
branch and Andreas was asked if he was interested. He discussed the prospect of a three-year
assignment to New York with his wife, Lina. The offer looked very attractive from all angles,
and they quickly agreed that Andreas should accept it. Two months later, he was transferred
to New York.
Assignment New York: The First Year
Andreas remembered the day of his arrival as if it were yesterday. He arrived at JFK Airport
early in the afternoon. Since his only contact point about the job assignment was corporate
HR in Frankfurt, he assumed that they had made all the necessary arrangements with the New
York office for his arrival. However, no one came to the airport to pick him up. He took a taxi
and went directly to the New York branch of the bank. When he arrived, he was not sure
where he should go. He had not been informed about whom he should contact after his
arrival, so he went straight to the office of the head of the corporate finance department where
he was supposed to work. When he entered the office and told the secretary that he was the
new manager from Germany, she looked at her notebook, shook her head, and told him that
they were not expecting anybody. Confused, Andreas rushed to the HR department and soon
found that several misunderstandings had occurred. First, it was not the corporate finance
department but the credit department that had requested his transfer. Second, contrary to what
Copyright A9; INSEAD
This document is authorized for use only by Aeshah Aljuwaybir in International Mgmt;Fall 2019;18-1 taught by MOLLY BURKE, Dominican University 2013; Illinois from Aug 2018 to Feb 2019.
For the exclusive use of A. Aljuwaybir, 2018.
he was told in Frankfurt, there was only a non-management position vacant. They were
looking for a credit analyst, basically the same job that he had done in Germany.
Andreas shook his head in reaction to the memory: 201C;There I stood, in what was supposed to
be my new office, with three pieces of luggage on the desk, and wondering whether I should
stay or take the next plane home!201D;
Why he decided to stay in New York, he could never quite figure out. In retrospect it was
probably just a split second decision to make the best of the situation. The whirl of images of
the next two months flashed across his memory: rushed days and nights trying to learn the
ropes of a new office with new procedures, looking for a place to live, meeting new people,
and exploring new places. Then a clear memory intervened the collage of memories of those
first two months 2013; Lina2019;s arrival. Lina, his wife, and their three-year-old daughter, AnneMarie, followed Andreas to New York two months after his arrival. They moved into a small
house in the outskirts of New York. Lina knew New York pretty well, as she had worked
there for a couple of months as an intern at a reinsurance company. She arrived excited to rediscover her favorite restaurants, art galleries and museums.
Except for occasional attacks of homesickness, Lina was satisfied with her new life. The week
after they had moved into their new house, they received a dinner invitation from a young
married couple next door. To their surprise, their American neighbors quickly embraced the
Webers. Since Lina was not able to get a work permit, she joined her new acquaintance in
doing volunteer work at a local art museum. Anne-Marie spent every second afternoon at a
local kindergarten, which gave Lina plenty of time to pursue her own interests. At the end of
their first year in the United States, a second daughter, Elena, was born. By then, the Weber2019;s
had already made several more new friends, both Americans and other expatriates. When the
Webers stepped off the plane at JFK after their first home leave to Germany, it felt more like
they were coming home than returning to a temporary assignment.
Andreas2019; Fast-Track Career as an Expatriate
Professionally, things had gone extremely well during this time period. The New York branch
of the bank had been right at the start of a boom-phase that lasted for several years.
Throughout the boom, the bank2019;s staff increased significantly. After eight months of working
in the back office, Andreas was promoted to supervisor of a group of credit analysts. Then,
one year after his first promotion, a position opened up at the senior management level. The
deputy head of the rapidly expanding corporate finance department 2013; a German expatriate 2013;
had unexpectedly left for a job at one of their American competitors, and the bank had to fill
his position with a manager who spoke fluent German, was familiar with the finance
departments of a number of German and other European companies, and was instantly
available. Andreas was asked if he was willing to extend his foreign service contract for
another three years and accept the position as deputy head of the corporate finance
department. After discussing it with Lina, Andreas accepted.
In the fifth year of his assignment, Andreas made another step upward in his career. His boss
retired, and Andreas was promoted to head of the corporate finance department. He was now
one of five managing directors in the branch. When Andreas signed his new contract, it was
Copyright A9; INSEAD
This document is authorized for use only by Aeshah Aljuwaybir in International Mgmt;Fall 2019;18-1 taught by MOLLY BURKE, Dominican University 2013; Illinois from Aug 2018 to Feb 2019.
For the exclusive use of A. Aljuwaybir, 2018.
agreed that he would stay with the New York branch of the bank for another three years and
would then return to the bank2019;s German headquarters.
These were warm memories, memories that somewhat buffered the intensity of Andreas2019;
frustration and anger over his current situation. But as he continued running, the warmth of
the past dissipated into the turmoil of the present.
201C;It all started with that promotion,201D; he muttered to himself. As head of the corporate finance
department, Andreas2019; professional and private lives had unexpectedly changed. He was now
responsible for a huge area 2013; his business activities no longer concentrated on North
American subsidiaries of foreign-based companies, but included their headquarters in Europe
and East Asia. In the first six months of his new job, Andreas had traveled almost 100,000
miles, mainly on business flights to Europe. His extensive traveling was hard on Lina. She felt
alone, and was concerned about their children2019;s education. Their eldest daughter, Anne-Marie
was now nine years old and had spent most of her life outside of Germany. Lina was also
concerned about her missing out on a German high school education. Anne-Marie2019;s German
language skills had gradually deteriorated over the last two years, and that troubled Lina as
well. Their second daughter, Elena, was attending kindergarten, and except for the yearly
home leave, she had no contact with other German children. Elena2019;s German was quite poor.
In fact, both Anne-Marie and Elena considered themselves Americans.
Lina also started to be more and more discontented with her life as a housewife. Obtaining a
work permit in the United States remained impossible, and it was not easy for her to find new
volunteer activities to quench her interests. To make things worse, Lina2019;s father fell ill and
died in that same year, leaving her mother alone. Andreas remembered the long conversations
he had had with Lina during this period of time, many of which were by telephone from hotel
rooms in far away places. When he was home, they spoke often in the quiet of their living
room, and on long walks 2013; Andreas lost count of the multitude of times they had talked as
they walked through the same park he was now running through.
Andreas2019; Dilemma: Staying in New York or Returning Home to an
Uncertain Future
201C;It was an extremely difficult situation,201D; Andreas remembered, 201C;not so much for the children,
but for Lina and I. 2026; From a professional standpoint, my assignment to New York was the
best thing that could ever happen to me: I worked in the financial center of the world; I loved
my job, the freedom of being away from the bureaucracy at corporate headquarters, the
opportunities to travel; I became a member of the senior management team at a very young
age 2013; impossible if I stayed in Germany. Personally, we were also happy: our children felt at
home in New York; we were quickly embraced by our neighbors and the expatriate
community; we had many friends2026; The question we continually wrestled with was: 2018;Does it
make sense to give all these up for a return to an uncertain future in Germany?2019; In principle,
the answer would clearly have been: 2018;No2019;. But on a long-term basis, moving back to Germany
appeared to be the best solution for our children. After all, we felt responsible for their
After several weeks of consideration and discussion, Lina and Andreas decided to move back
to Germany. This was about a year ago. Immediately after the decision was made, Andreas
Copyright A9; INSEAD
This document is authorized for use only by Aeshah Aljuwaybir in International Mgmt;Fall 2019;18-1 taught by MOLLY BURKE, Dominican University 2013; Illinois from Aug 2018 to Feb 2019.
For the exclusive use of A. Aljuwaybir, 2018.
contacted the bank2019;s corporate headquarters and informed the human resource executive in
charge of international assignments about his decision. Three weeks later, Andreas received a
short letter from him, stating that there were currently no positions available in Germany at
his level. Part of the problem, Andreas was told, was due to the current economic downturn in
Europe, but since several new branches were due to be opened in the Eastern part of Germany
over the course of the next year, he was told that chances were good that the company would
be able to find him a suitable return assignment within the next six months. Since then,
Andreas had had several meetings with executives at corporate headquarters, as well as with
managers of domestic branches of the bank, but he still had not been offered any reentry
Lina gradually became discouraged. She had told her mother that they were coming home
immediately after they made their decision to return to Germany, but 8 months had passed,
and her mother kept asking when they were coming. Andreas2019; parents were persistent in their
queries as well. Finally, last week, Andreas received a telephone call from the corporate HR
department, in which he was informed that they had found what they called a 201C;challenging201D;
return assignment. They offered him the position of deputy head of a medium-sized branch of
the bank in the Eastern part of Germany. Andreas was told that a letter explaining the details
of the position offer had already been sent.
The Offer
The memory of opening that letter and reading it, and the resulting emotions of anger,
betrayal, disbelief, and frustration all came back to him. He stopped running, and sat down on
a park bench alongside the jogging trail. 201C;Not only will I earn little more than half the salary
that I currently make in New York, I will not be able to use the skills and experiences that I
gained during my overseas assignment, I will be out of touch with all the important decisions
being made at headquarters, and on top of that, I will be posted to this God-forsaken place!201D;
he thought, bitterly.
With all the frustrations and anger welling up in his chest, Andreas thought, cynically, 201C;The
bank2019;s promotion policy 2013; if there ever was any rational policy 2013; is to punish those who are
really committed to the organization. They assign you to one of those programs for high-fliers
and send you abroad, but there is no career planning whatsoever. If there just happens to be a
job vacant when you return, you are lucky. If not, they let you wait and wait and wait, until
you finally accept the most ridiculous job offer. 2026; Their slogan that international experience is
a key value and a prerequisite for promotion into the ranks of senior management is garbage!
If you look at the actual promotion and career development practices in this organization, it
becomes clear it2019;s only lip service2026;and lies! 2026; In this bank, the better you perform overseas,
the more you get screwed when you come back201D;.
He began to wonder if he should accept the offer. Perhaps they should just stay in New York
and make their home here. But then, images of Lina, Lina2019;s mother, Anne-Marie, Elena, and
his parents, and all of their combined needs enveloped him.
Leaning back on the park bench, he blankly stared down the path that would lead out of the
park and into the street, and then home.
Copyright A9; INSEAD
This document is authorized for use only by Aeshah Aljuwaybir in International Mgmt;Fall 2019;18-1 taught by MOLLY BURKE, Dominican University 2013; Illinois from Aug 2018 to Feb 2019.
Copyright A9;2017 Pearson Education, Inc.
Chapter Learning Goals
To become familiar with the role of
negotiation in implementing a firm2019;s
strategy, and the various stakeholders who
must be considered
2. To learn the stages of the negotiation
process and how to prepare for crosscultural business negotiations
3. To gain insight into the various types of
negotiating styles around the world
Copyright A9;2017 Pearson Education, Inc.
Chapter Learning Goals
To recognize that managing negotiation
requires learning about the culturally
based behavioral differences, values, and
agendas of the negotiating parties and how
to build trust for successful negotiations
5. To learn the complexities of negotiating
with the Chinese
6. To appreciate the variables in the decisionmaking process and understand the
influence of culture on decision making
Copyright A9;2017 Pearson Education, Inc.
Opening Profile: Facebook2019;s Continued
Negotiations in China
2022; Facebook has more than 1.4 billion active users as
of 2015; if it were a country, it would be the
world2019;s third most populous country
However, Facebook is banned in China for six
years as of 2015, although many go around the
China has substantial legal and regulatory
complexities that have prevented entry
If Facebook fails to manage global operations
successfully, business may suffer
Facebook is profiting by advertising for Chinese
businesses in spite of the blockage of its primary
Copyright A9;2017 Pearson Education, Inc.
Chapter Learning Goals
To become familiar with the role
of negotiation in implementing a
firm2019;s strategy, and the various
stakeholders who must be
Copyright A9;2017 Pearson Education, Inc.
Negotiations by Global Managers
F097; Specific plans for strategies and for
continuing operations
F097; May also be faced with negotiating with
government-owned companies
F097; Managers must prepare; operational
details must be negotiated: staffing, raw
materials, repatriating profits, etc
F097; Decision-making processes are key
Copyright A9;2017 Pearson Education, Inc.
The process of discussion by which
two or more parties aim for
mutually acceptable agreement
Copyright A9;2017 Pearson Education, Inc.
Important Differences
1. Amount and type of preparation
2. Tasks vs. interpersonal relationships
3. General principles vs. specific issues
4. Number of people present and their
Copyright A9;2017 Pearson Education, Inc.
Stakeholders in
Cross-Cultural Negotiation
Copyright A9;2017 Pearson Education, Inc.
Chapter Learning Goals
To learn the stages of the
negotiation process and how to
prepare for cross-cultural
business negotiations
Copyright A9;2017 Pearson Education, Inc.
The Negotiation Process
Copyright A9;2017 Pearson Education, Inc.
Stage One: Preparation
2022;Develop profile of
2022;Find out likely demands,
team composition, and
counterpart authority.
2022;Choose a negotiation site.
Copyright A9;2017 Pearson Education, Inc.
Stage Two: Relationship Building
2022;Getting to know one2019;s contacts
and building mutual trust
2022;Non-task sounding
2022;Use a 2026;
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