if you are hired as a new Vancouver City CIO (Chief Information Officer) on 9/3

Sep 1, 2021 | business & finance / marketing


if you are hired as a new Vancouver City CIO (Chief Information Officer) on 9/30, 2020 for the next 5 to 10 years (contracting term), please apply all potential new ITs which you have just learnt from this CMPT641 course, including 5GIoTAR/VRCloud Computing3D printingBig DataAI, and Blockchain, and propose at least 7 highly promising smart-city pilot projects for Smart Vancouver City by learning from previous smart-city cases to tackle your home-city real issues.

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if you are hired as a new Vancouver City CIO (Chief Information Officer) on 9/3
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Please note that I am not looking for a bullet list of technologies; rather, I am looking for an In-depth Discussion and Critical Thinking of this potential IT and practical applications for business problem-solving in 1-page APA style writing in MS Word per project. Please also explain How would you evaluate the success of the recommended initiatives; How would you measure success once the implementation is up and running; What are Key Success Factors (KSFs), such as Gov Funding, Tech Partners, Citizen Engagement, Privacy Protection, Price/Affordability, and Inequality for such a smart-city project?

More specifically, I am looking for your Critical Thinking ideas on how to apply new ITs to Smart Cities, such as Smart Infrastructure/Transportation/Building/Energy/Health Care/Government/EducationHome/Citizen/etc..

For example, here are some "Critical Thinking" ideas for Smart Skytrain for Smart Vancouver City for your reference:

  • City planning on new Skype train routes using AR/VR & Big Data Analytics (How? Measure? KSFs?);
  • Smart Skytrain scheduling optimization based on real-time traffic using IoTs, 5G, and BD/AI (How? Measure? KSFs?);
  • Smart Skytrain safety/security using HD Camera (IoTs)/AI based intelligent surveillance systems (How? Measure? KSFs?);
  • Smart Skytrain emergency response systems using 5G based policing, Smart Ambulance/Hospital, & fighting with Terror attacks (How? Measure? KSFs?);
  • Lost & Found Systems for Seniors/Children/Things based on 5G, GPS sensor, Video Surveillance (How? Measure? KSFs?);
  • More … (How? Measure? KSFs?);


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