Journal Reflection #1 What are today’s commonly held perceptions regarding

Sep 1, 2021 | social science / philosophy

Journal Reflection #1

  1. What are today’s commonly held perceptions regarding the good life? In other words, what makes a “good life"? Where do people learn these ideas? (150 words)

Journal Reflection #2

  1. Take a minute to reflect on these three views (the political, philosophical, and hedonistic life). Do you align with one over the other? Can you think of examples of people or places that emphasize one of these views? (150 words)

Journal Reflection #3

  1. Describe how Aristotle would practically define the good life. (150 words)

Journal Reflection #4

  1. Examine your own life. Are you a virtuous person? If so, which virtues do you exhibit? Are there any in excess or deficient? Which virtues would American culture note as the most important? (150 words)

Journal Reflection #5

  1. In your own words, describe how Aristotle would view decision making and responsibility. (150 words)

Journal Reflection #6

  1. Explain how virtues will directly affect how medical professionals practice. (150 words)


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