PROJECT MANAGEMENT PLAN Develop a project management plan 8,000 words (excluding

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Develop a project management plan 8,000 words (excluding Appendix and Table of Contents) as described in this document:

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PROJECT MANAGEMENT PLAN Develop a project management plan 8,000 words (excluding
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Scenario: Your business is the name of the small Australian business in Australia. This small business is a mobile business which can go to customers houses and help with their tech issues.

Use the following structure for your report with sub-headings as appropriate:

1. Title Page

a. Project name

b. Group details presented in a table with names and student numbers 

2. Table of Contents Page 

a. Beside each sub-heading, write the name of each person that was the lead for that section. E.g. Selection – James Barnes, Paul Kelly.

b. Include listing for graphs, charts, pictures, etc.

3. Executive Summary, with:

a. Project Justification – why the project is necessary.

b. Project Aim – what the project sets out to achieve.

c. Project Scope – inclusions, exclusions, constraints, assumptions, and key deliverables of the project.

4. Background

a. Describe the need (i.e. issue, problem, market gap, etc.) the project is set to address.

· Provide sufficient detail to prove that the project is not misguided (i.e. recognise project’s constraints and context).

b. Describe how and why existing or similar approaches, products, technologies and/or projects might be applicable and/or relevant to your project.

· Use a table to indicate how these projects are similar.

5. Evaluation of Alternatives
(Note: Depending on what alternatives were considered, it may make more sense to include this section before, within, or after the ‘Project Concept’ section. This is up to you.)

a. Briefly describe the alternative projects that were presented for evaluation (your group’s weighted scoring model that you complete to choose this project).

b. Briefly explain and justify the criteria, rankings, weightings, and rating schemes used in developing the Project Selection Matrix.

c. Present the final Project Selection Matrix developed for the evaluation.

d. Provide a summary and analysis of the outcome.

6. Project Concept

a. Describe the project. Include whatever pictures, sketches and/or drawings that you think best convey the project concept. Start with an overview and then discuss the various aspects and components in more detail.

b. Project objectives

c. Project requirements and deliverables

7. Project Feasibility

a. Discuss how the project is desirable, viable and achievable, and identity key areas of strength and weakness.

b. Approval requirements

c. Project assumptions (Identify at least 5 assumptions.)

d. Known constraints (Identify at least 5 constraints.)

e. Expected benefits and dis-benefits (Identify at least 5)

f. Investment Appraisal

8. Product Breakdown Structure, Organization & Communication Management 

a. Demonstrate the project management structure using an organogram.

b. Describe the various roles and identify responsibilities associated with each role. Also specify team members assigned to each role, outlining their key attributes which indicate their capacity and ability to perform roles and responsibilities assigned to them.

c. Outline the Project Product Breakdown Structure (PBS) 

d. Develop a comprehensive project plan addressing the following Plan description:

· Plan prerequisites – Any fundamental aspects that must be in place and remain in place for the plan to succeed

· External dependencies – External factors that may influence the plan 

· Planning assumptions – Assumptions upon which the plan is developed

· Lessons incorporated – Details of any lessons from previous similar projects which have been reviewed and accommodated within this plan

· Monitoring and control – Details of how the plan will be monitored and controlled

· Budgets – Covering time and cost, including provisions for risks and changes

· Tolerances – Time, cost and scope tolerances

· Product descriptions – Covering products within the scope of the plan 

· Schedule – Which may be graphical representations of 

a. Gantt or bar chart

b. Activity network

e. Develop a communication Management Approach 

9. Project Quality Management

a. Based on the PBS above, develop product descriptions for the applicable products of your project.

b. For the applicable project products described above, outline relevant quality control activities necessary to ensure that their product quality criteria are met.

c. Clearly present a report format for recording quality control activities undertaken as part of your project. Describe any applicable roles and responsibilities. 

d. Present one of the Seven Basic Tools of Quality that you have learned during the lecture for your project.

10. Project Risk Management

a. Provide Risk Management Approach

b. Provide the risk matrix – Probability/Impact matrix

c. Present a risk management procedure for your project

d. Provide risk responses to threats and opportunities

11. Change and Issue Management

a. List all the issues related to your project

b. Where any of the project products delivered has failed to meet acceptance criteria or a change request has been received with the potential of impacting on project’s product and therefore implies additional work, clearly outline the change management process and change authority developed for your project. 

c. Outline how you track and control the configuration items for your project.

12. Project Progress Control

a. What are the different project control mechanisms adopted for the project you are undertaking?

b. Clearly outline allowable project tolerances for time, cost, quality, benefit, scope, and risk at the different levels of management. 

c. Demonstrate project plan split into different stage plans to enable control.

13. Conclusion


14. References 

Use Harvard referencing method.

15. Appendices 

Include analysis, calculation, templates, etc. as Appendix.


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