SOC 481 Action Research Project Proposal

Jun 29, 2022 | education

SOC-481 Action Research Project Proposal

Instructions: This is a three-part assignment, in which you develop a proposal for a viable action research project. The purpose of the proposal is to engage and inform potential “funders” of the project, as well as other key stakeholder groups invested in social change initiatives. The proposal should clearly and succinctly describe all aspects of your proposed project, clearly explaining what you will do and why.  

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SOC 481 Action Research Project Proposal
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In PART 1 of the assignment, you will develop the initial sections of an action research proposal. 




Create a first draft of the initial sections of your action research project proposal. This section of the proposal should be approximately 1,000-1,500 words, and include the following: 

1. Title of the proposed action research project

2. Introduction (150-250 words)

Identify the main subject area to be investigated (e.g., poverty, homelessness, gender or racial inequality, institutional change). (I would prefer poverty or homelessness, but which ever is most convenient and works for you is fine.)

Briefly summarize the scope and nature of the proposed research project. 


1. Description of a Social Problem in Need of Change (500-700 words)

Research Problem: Craft a succinct description of a concern/issue, a problem in need of a solution, or an unknown area to be explored through the proposed project. Be sure to identify a local context (e.g., neighborhood or community) where the project could potentially be developed and implemented. 

Literature Review and Justification to Study the Research Problem: Summarize evidence from the scholarly literature, indicating why this is a problem in need of a solution, or why it is an area where additional research and learning is needed. Be sure to include information of relevance to understanding the broader social area to be addressed (e.g., poverty, gender discrimination) as well as the local neighborhood or community where the project would potentially be implemented (e.g. a specific distressed neighborhood or community). You may also wish to include a brief review of previous community-based projects focusing on your topic and/or community of interest, noting how your proposed project could potentially build upon and/or strengthen earlier efforts to advance social change. 

Gaps in the Evidence: Based on the evidence you have reviewed, summarize what is missing or what additional information is needed to better understand or change the social problem within the local context you have identified. 

Relevance of an Action Research Project: Explain how a community-based action research project could be a strategically important approach to better understand and address the issue you have identified. Briefly describe why and how your proposed action research project could potentially make a positive contribution, and who might potentially benefit from investigative processes and outcomes. 

2. Vision of Desired Change or Improved Conditions (150-250 words)

Envisioning Success: Articulate a vision of what you hope to learn and how this proposed action research project could potentially bring about a desired change or improved conditions. 

Project Aims: Articulate how this proposed project can help you achieve your vision of change. Describe what you hope to do, the intention of the project, and your aspirations for the project in terms of action, individual and/or organizational learning, community development, or community change. 

3. Project Objectives (150-250 words)

Articulate Concrete Project Objectives: Describe the steps you will take to achieve your vision of change and project aims. Be sure objectives are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely, as well as consistent with the purpose and scope of a community-based action research project. 

4. Reference List 

Scholarly Sources: Incorporate information and supportive evidence from at least three scholarly sources of direct relevance to your proposed action research project. 


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