The new law, House Bill 3921.  In this essay argue about The new law,  House

Sep 1, 2021 | english

The new law, House Bill 3921. 
In this essay argue about The new law,  House bill  3921 made to protect elderly from credit card frauds and state clear reasons to support and reasons against the policy (both sides of the issue) 
Also address how the  elderly are affected by the policy?
You should have three to five main reasons to support your claim.  Support your reasons with examples, logical discussion, and sources as necessary.
One key focus of this assignment is that you structure your argument logically and support it with evidence, appealing to the emotions of the audience to move them to action on your topic after having established your ethos.
And maintain the reader's attention and connecting the argument logically. 
The essay should be 4 page and Mla Formatted.  
Here's is one of the source you compulsory have  to use for the essay :-


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