You must read this assignment carefully and prepare an investigative report addr

Sep 1, 2021 | law / criminal

You must read this assignment carefully and prepare an investigative report addressing all of the issues and questions presented below.

You are a law enforcement agent and you are told to investigate a group that is believed to be connected with other organized crime groups, including Colombian organized crime groups, Mexican organized crime groups, and the Russian mafia. 

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You must read this assignment carefully and prepare an investigative report addr
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This group that you are investigating is led by a man whose real name is unknown but goes by the alias “Beast.” Beast is believed to be importing drugs into the United States with the help of the Colombian, Mexican, and Russian organized crime groups. Beast is also believed to be the owner of a chain of restaurants and stores. These businesses are believed to help Beast in laundering money. The structure of the group is still uncertain, and it is your job to investigate the group before any arrests can be made. Beast is very private, but he is highly connected with some government officials. The identity of those in the government and law enforcement that are helping Beast and his group is also unknown. Beast is believed to be highly dangerous, as he has a small army constantly protecting him that will kill in an instant. It is important to take Beast off the street as soon as possible. You must write an investigative report addressing the following:

  1. Define what constitutes organized crime and provide the elements that are usually associated with the same.
  2. Explain the investigative strategies that should be used in order to investigate this particular group and why.
  3. Explain how what we know about the Colombian, Mexican, and Russian organized crime groups can help in this investigation.
  4. Describe the historical connection between organized crime groups and legitimate businesses.
  5. Explain how money laundering usually takes place and how an organized crime leader like Beast generally goes about it. Include in your explanation the connection between money laundering and foreign banks, and money laundering and the legitimate businesses that these crime leaders own.
  6. Describe the particular laws that will likely apply to this investigation including statutes on money laundering, drug trafficking, and corruption.
  7. Provide some case law that help the agency identify how these laws will be applied to these particular set of circumstances.
  8. Summarize what you think the outcome of this investigation will be and whether you think you will be able to capture Beast and his organized crime group based on history. Explain why or why not.


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