Your rough draft must include the following elements : Microsoft Word documen

Sep 1, 2021 | english

Your rough draft must include the following elements :

  • Microsoft Word document with .doc, .docx, .rtf extension.
  • A draft of the Extended Definition Memo that is at least one page in length
  • Formatted in Memo Format

Review the details for the assignment below:

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Your rough draft must include the following elements : Microsoft Word documen
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For this assignment, you will select a technical term associated with the Request for Proposal (RFP) your team is responding to. You will compose a memo to your other group members in which you will:

  • Argue for the use of the term in the upcoming deliverables.
  • Define the term for an expert (knowledgeable) audience, using at least one extended definition technique
  • Define the term for a lay (general or casual) audience, using at least one extended definition technique

The completed definition will contribute to the glossary of the recommendation report.


Your definition infographic will provide a definition of a technical term for two audiences:

  • Laypeople 
  • Experts in the field

For laypeople: 

Assume that your readers have a basic, well-rounded education, but no special knowledge of your field, except what they have been able to pick up from popular media.  

For experts:

Address fellow students in your field of study (or hobby, or club, or other group); they already have some familiarity with your subject, terminology, and more advanced discussions of your chosen term. 


To complete this assignment, you must compose a memo that includes: 

  • A 200-300-word statement that justifies, or argues for, the use of the term in the recommendation report and the use of an informative graphic. Include an exigence (thesis) statement for each definition that gives your readers a reason for wanting to know what you are telling them

    **This section will require secondary research.**


  • Two 300-400-word extended definitions that build from a clear sentence definition for each audience.
    • Design one definition to appeal to laypeople
    • Design one definition to appeal to experts
  • Use and cite at least 4 credible secondary sources: 
    • 2 sources for the lay definition; 
    • 2 sources for the expert definition. 
    • In-text citations and bibliographic sections must be included. 
    • MLA or APA format may be used.
  • Employ at least one of the following extended definition techniques:   
    • examples, 
    • partition, 
    • principle of operation, 
    • comparison and contrast, 
    • analogy, 
    • negation, 
    • Etymology/history of the term. 
  • Neither definition should be a standard “dictionary definition” of a phrase or two. Try not to use the dictionary to create your definition.

    **If dictionary definition is used in any capacity, it must be cited.**


  • Explaining the term, how and in what context it is used, and, in some detail, what it refers to. 
  • Present your information clearly and logically for the audience it is intended for.  
  • Use background information your readers can reasonably be assumed to have, but make sure that a correct understanding of the material does not rely on their knowing something that they may very well not know.  In other words, if your definition relies heavily on the readers’ understanding of some additional material, make sure you explain that material unless it is common knowledge for those readers. 


  • Memo document must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document with a .doc, .docx, or .rtf extension
    • Memo may include APA or MLA format for any secondary sources referenced; Visit the Purdue OWL or consult a Rules for Writers text for assistance with APA or MLA format
  • Secondary sources are required. You MUST accurately cite ALL source material using APA or MLA documentation style.   Please contact me if you have any questions about documentation.
    • **Memo must include at least four secondary sources. Sources must be cited according to MLA or APA formatting (APA suggested).**
    • **Memo must include an MLA or APA citation for the informative graphic**


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